Month: May 2018

Claiming Part One

Claiming according to dictionary definitions is ” to state or assert that something is the case, typically without providing evidence or proof.” or it is to “formally request or demand; say that one owns or has earned (something)” The synonyms of claiming are asserting, declaring, professing, maintaining, stating, holding, affirming, attesting. This week I want to explore claiming and in particular claiming our gifts … Read More Claiming Part One

Acceptance Part Three

This series of blogs is about acceptance! I mentioned in a previous blog that the process of acceptance is active not passive. Of course those of you who are intimate with adversity know acceptance in these cases can never be a passive resignation to the situation and neither is the process linear. Our minds are biologically trained when faced with adversity or trauma to … Read More Acceptance Part Three

Acceptance Part Two

Acceptance I told you the other day is not passive but active. Today I want to talk about accepting adversity and ways to do this actively. As I said before, accepting is about reconciling yourself to a situation and letting go! Acceptance is not easy! A neighbour of mine, last month, lost her son in a car accident. He was twenty years old, a … Read More Acceptance Part Two

Acceptance Part One

Acceptance has always been tricky for me. I always found it difficult to accept situations that make my blood boil. There was a gut instinct I had from a young age, call it conscience or an innate responsibility, I felt to fight for justice! Perhaps I was fighting for myself? Perhaps in fighting for others, I helped myself! It makes sense that in my … Read More Acceptance Part One

The importance of Naming!

All week I have been posting about the importance of naming. Naming is an active process. It requires action! Naming our experiences really helps us! But often we do this in a binary way. There are those experiences that we name as negative and those that we name as positive. However what we experience as blessings can be curses and vice versa! Experiences I … Read More The importance of Naming!


“Romeo Romeo Wherefore art thou Romeo? A rose by any other name would smell just as sweet” Romeo and Juliet William Shakepeare Its true what is in a name? But for me names are crucial. They define us and shape us and mould us especially how we see ourselves and how others see us. I know how we name our experiences also shape our … Read More Naming

That ole devil called Love again!

I shared with you my mantra for 2018: Simplify, Slow down and Self-care! I promised to share more with you about what I understand Self-Care to be! I did not realise my self care would result in slowing down with my blogging also. I did not push myself beyond the limit to produce another in the series. I decided to be a person of … Read More That ole devil called Love again!