Month: June 2018

Living not Surviving

If you want to live your life fully, and not feel like you are surviving here is some advice To live you have to get out of your own way. To live you, you have to take risks. To live you have to get uncomfortable, really uncomfortable. To live you have to ask yourself what do you want? To live you need to be … Read More Living not Surviving


Do you want to learn how to Simplify, Slow Down and Self-Care? My mantra for 2018 is to slow down, simplify and self-care. Half way through the year, I am discovering the more I create space for myself rather than watching TV that I have seen before or pushing myself to be the perfect parent (which is impossible) the more I am able to … Read More Creating

Breaking Part Three

Breaking out! Breaking out of my comfort zone is something, I want to detail here, as it lead me to have powerful shifts in how I think and feel and live. I know if I had stayed walking on the well beaten track, I had always been walking, I would not be the Confident woman I am today. Breaking out of your comfort zone … Read More Breaking Part Three

Breaking Part Two

This week I am talking about BREAKING. Breaking as I said before is essential if you want to know yourself and heal. Breaking is also inevitable in life! As a Trauma Recovery Coach, I focus on breaking patterns with my clients. I know whether that is in my own recovery or when witnessing my Clients recovery, this is when key shifts occur and dramatic … Read More Breaking Part Two

Breaking Part One

This week I am posting about Breaking! The Cambridge Dictionary refers to breaking as the act of breaking. Break though is defined in a number of ways 1. Damage To cause something to separate suddenly or violently into two or more pieces or to cause something to stop working by being damaged. 2. End To destroy or end something or come to an end … Read More Breaking Part One

Claiming Part Two

Claiming is a process! I know that to heal from Trauma or to cope with adversity, claiming yourself from the conflict, confusion or chaos in your life is so necessary. Claiming your power is an inside job ANONYMOUS And I have found in the dark moments, months or years in my life that when I claimed my power, I found my gifts, talents, strengths, … Read More Claiming Part Two