Month: May 2019

Ramadan Reflections

It is the Last Friday of Ramadan this year 2019. Do I want to bid this Ramadan goodbye? Not really, well my soul doesn’t although my body does, despite feeling lighter and cleansed. My soul just hopes the mercy and the peace that this month brings lingers on…… I pray that the fragrance of Ramadan can still be smelt, that sweet beautiful scent, long … Read More Ramadan Reflections

To play or not to play!

Self-Care Sunday is here! Having one day devoted to Self-Care is a start in a day and age where alot of avenues are open 24/7. It is a start in developing a habit that we can then gradually incorporate into the week. Traditionally living in this Christian country England UK Sunday was the day when shops closed and there was a slower paced day. … Read More To play or not to play!

Time Management Tuesday

Time Management Tuesday is here. A Quranic Song comes to mind. Surah in Arabic means Song when I first heard that my whole relationship changed to God, the Quran, life and the world. I started experiencing life as a symphony. But enough about me back to the Song in the Quran. There is a Song in the Quran called The Time. “By Time Verily … Read More Time Management Tuesday

Self-Care Sunday!

Self-Care Sunday is here well that is what I call it! Self-Care isn’t selfish, it is necessary to survive and thrive. Self-Care is giving yourself permission to feel, think, reflect, enjoy, eat, drink, sleep, ask and be vulnerable. If you are one who gives to others and others expect you to always have the answers and sometimes the doubt that you do not know, … Read More Self-Care Sunday!

Permission is Key!

As a Social Worker for 28 years, I used to feel burn out was exclusive to people in that profession, then I opened my Business and started meeting all these Entrepreneurs who suffered from Burn Out and like me give to others and their Business but don’t know how to give to themselves. Permission is the key to beat burn out. But permission is … Read More Permission is Key!