Month: June 2019

Ego vs Service!

After doing a Joint Facebook Live this morning, having a half an hour Coaching session with a Client and delivering a Masterclass on how to create more time and energy and space, I want to go to bed. I have given all I can give and now it is time not to be connected to the outcome, sorry not to be attached to the … Read More Ego vs Service!

Time vs Transformation?

Tomorrow Sunday 30th June at 5pm British Summer Time on Zoom, I am doing a Masterclass on how to create more time and energy and space in your life and Business. Normally I would be doing last minute changes to the presentation. A few months ago, I would have been spending loads of time on it and sacrificing time with family and not being … Read More Time vs Transformation?

Sacred Alliances

Today I started my day being fully clear as to who I want to impact with my Business. I end the day in the same way. The Personal Development Industry has many voices competing to attract the ears of a few. The few who think. reflect, question, search and want to grow. The few who are tired of the same old, same old and … Read More Sacred Alliances

Impact vs Empire?

As I progress on this journey some insights really persist. The why of embarking this journey may have started with having time freedom and financial freedom. They no longer are. I have experienced what many others have or are. I feel I was duped into thinking the following: It is easy to build a business all you need is an Email list. It is … Read More Impact vs Empire?

Social Work Blues!

Yesterday Tuesday 25th June was hard especially in my Social Work job I struggledI felt overwhelmedI was resilient despite this. I supported ColleaguesI emailed I persisted in designing groups and supporting Colleagues and delegating tasks in terms of group work. I left work at 7pmI got some pitta bread for evening meal. My husband had cooked earlier. I got home at 8pm.On way home … Read More Social Work Blues!

My Day

My day on Monday 24th June 2019 630amWake up Pray Meditate 7am to 8am Post on LinkedIn regarding Masterclass that I am doing Sunday Arrange a FB Live with another Coach Email a Client 8am to 830am Spend time with youngest son 830am to 9am Journal 9am to 930am Get Ready for going to office 930am to 10amTravel to office by Bus posting on … Read More My Day

Sacrifice vs Suffering!

Here is an insight my yesterday! Sunday 23rd January. 7am Woke up Did expenditure budgeting Personal and Business. 9am Had breakfast ran two washing machines for week! Remembered to wash my son’s muddy shoes from his residential. He needs them for school. 10am Took the bus to Hairdressers 10am to 130pm Spent at Hairdressers 130pm to 2pm Travelled to Cricket Green to watch my … Read More Sacrifice vs Suffering!

Decluttering Blues

Yesterday I had a lie in. This was my day. 5am to 845am I forced myself to wake up at 845am. I felt like I was up from 5am coming in and out of sleep. Snoozing, going to the bathroom to relieve myself, silently praying, having a million ideas about my Business and then counselling myself to rest, relax and going back to bed, … Read More Decluttering Blues

Diary of an Entrepreneur

I write these daily blogs and wonder if they are helping you, yes YOU, who are reading this blog right now. I wonder and then at the same time I know in my gut, of course it does. Yes I know it helps you feel less alone. Suddenly you feel sane and not crazy. Emerging as an Entrepreneur is an exciting journey but a … Read More Diary of an Entrepreneur

Tenacity, Focus and Struggles of an Entrepreneur!

Yesterday my Manager described me as having tenacity. I felt like a Superhero trying to save the day with my tenacity. Perhaps my tenacity is my super power? Anyway this was my day yesterday. 6am Prayed, Meditated and Yoga 630am Emptied out my bag, sorted out what payments, I needed to chase and then sorted out my money purse. Recycled loads of receipts and … Read More Tenacity, Focus and Struggles of an Entrepreneur!

Yesterday rewritten!

I am tired as I write this but am so relieved that I was so focussed yesterday. I managed to make some headway with the Court report due on Tuesday next week. I survived my up and down emotional state. Yesterday though I was focussed and using the skills of being focussed which I have acquired when being an Entrepreneur, I was successful in … Read More Yesterday rewritten!

Joy and Sorrow

The morning after I discovered my former Client was murdered was harder than the day I discovered the news. I got angry at my youngest son. I didn’t lose it luckily. I reigned it in my temper but I heard my raised voice and felt I was going to unleash a tirade, he did not deserve. I realised this would not bring my Client … Read More Joy and Sorrow