Month: July 2019

Wanting a Wealth of Wisdom Last Call!

Wanting a Wealth of Wisdom! That is what I call my Laser Coaching Program and today is the last day where you can grab the last space for the Clarity Call to discuss whether this is for you! If you want access to my wealth of wisdom built up from 28 years as a Social Worker where I can help you: beat burn out, … Read More Wanting a Wealth of Wisdom Last Call!

Short and Sweet!

For a change I am going to be short and sweet. Earlier on I shared with you my latest offer of unlimited access to me and my wealth of wisdom from 28 years as a Social Worker for a super affordable daily cost to you of over 2 pounds or less than £84 per month. This way of working is called Laser Coaching. You … Read More Short and Sweet!

Poetry in this crazy world!

Poetry may seem out of place right now but the news today has inspired me to write this just now. I stare out of the window….. I feel a peace I never knew possible. Despite the world going crazy! Boris Johnson is the British Prime Minister. I find that hard to stomach. Hate echoes its whisper everywhere. Indifference reigns. Wisdom is what is needed … Read More Poetry in this crazy world!

Wanting a Wealth of Wisdom?

Yes a wealth of wisdom is what I have! And that is what most people want. That is what you want. You out there want that because you struggle with feeling good enough, Most of your life you burnt yourself out trying to be good enough whether that was in relation to your Business or in your job or in your relationships. Perhaps you … Read More Wanting a Wealth of Wisdom?

My first Khutbah (Sermon) for Inclusive Mosque (London)

I delivered this Khutbah (Friday Sermon) at Inclusive Mosque (London) on Friday 20th January 2017. The world was reeling with shock regarding the events of 2016 first Brexit and then Trump winning the US Presidential election. I knew as I prepared this sermon in December that a few hours after I delivered it, Trump was going to be inaugurated as President.  So this was my … Read More My first Khutbah (Sermon) for Inclusive Mosque (London)


As it is still Sunday 14th July wanted to share some reflections regarding England winning the World Cup today. I listened to alot of interviews today after I watched with my family England win against New Zealand in the ICC World Cup of 2019. It was such a nail biting finish, both teams fighting every inch to win. To see the players putting their … Read More Tenacity

The power of collaboration.

This conversation with Rene Michele will show you the power of collaboration, community and commitment. If you have had trouble securing help, it shows you the skill of observation and careful discernment leads you to find mentors and community. Watch this video 1 minute 30 seconds in as I forgot I was recording. I have the video available to the public until Sunday … Read More The power of collaboration.

Create Space and Ideas will grow!

For two days I did not create space in my schedule to write this daily blog. So nothing was published. 18 months ago I would have been mortified. I would have been berating myself for not fulfilling my responsbilities and my pledge. I pledged to write and publish daily this diary/journal so you can follow my journey. And now I have failed to fulfil … Read More Create Space and Ideas will grow!

Entrepreneur Blues!

I love checking in like this with these daily blogs. I sometimes wonder is it feeling mostly for myself? And there is this deep yearning within me to have my journey witnessed. So you who are reading this, thank you for accompanying me. I just thought to name each entry may help. Today I feel I have the blues. I just delivered Business Coaching … Read More Entrepreneur Blues!

Privilege and Wealth!

This is me below: This photo was taken in February 2016. I like this photo, it was taken by a very dear friend who is like a sister to me. It was taken when I was just about to deliver a lecture to Rabbis, Imams, Spiritual Leaders, Pastors, Rabbi students, Muslim Community Workers etc at an Interfaith Conference in Germany. I look really pensive. … Read More Privilege and Wealth!

Community, Connection, Collaboration.

Knowing who your Ideal Client is key to running a successful Business. Every day I get clearer on who I serve. Knowing who you serve and how you serve them is an essential ingredient to generating income. Today I spoke to a Kundalini Yoga Practitioner who will be helping my Clients release energy that no longer serves them. It is lovely to collaborate. In … Read More Community, Connection, Collaboration.