I love checking in like this with these daily blogs.

I sometimes wonder is it feeling mostly for myself? And there is this deep yearning within me to have my journey witnessed.

So you who are reading this, thank you for accompanying me.

I just thought to name each entry may help.

Today I feel I have the blues.

I just delivered Business Coaching to a dear friend, a fellow healer.

Earlier on on the way home I did a quick Facebook Live.

I worked hard today and I know showing up on Facebook Live and delivering Business Coaching will pay off in the end.

It leads to more trust points in the bank.

I still have the blues of not attracting the third client but I still have faith that I will before December 2019.

I realise today this journey is a long one which does not have any guarantees.

There are times it seems hopeless. Just work and more work.

At other times it feels so joyous, attracting money.

I hope you are liking this journey too.

As I grow in confidence, I hope it gives you confidence.

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