Month: August 2019


What the *****? Expletives aside sometimes I just get angry, tired of toxicity. Toxic work places and family spaces are so common, you need to rise above the same old same old! The acceptance of this toxicity. The refusal to challenge it. So it seeps in destroying all! Not always easy to do when it feels everyone and everything is pulling you down or … Read More Fireworks!

Patterns of a Self-help Junkie!

I used to be a Self-Help Junkie or Personal Development Junkie. I noticed a pattern with myself though. I never finished what I started. I tried too many things all at the same time. I had fingers in too many pots. There was such a fear of missing out on information, knowledge and wisdom, I buzzed like a bee from flower to flower getting … Read More Patterns of a Self-help Junkie!

What do you want?

What do you want? I have always asked myself that? Every 6 weeks I ask myself this question. God, the Universe or Destiny, how ever you understand it, tends to then give you a series of opportunities to help you get what you want. Of course it is not always easy and there are challenges you encounter on the way. Knowing what you want … Read More What do you want?

Inner Success

Success is what I have been pondering on for a very long time. Material, Creative, Personal, Spirtual or Entrepreneurial. I realise in this Entrepreneurial journey, you cannot chase success. Success isn’t in the money or the fame or the feeling or the outward project completed or the finished product or service. Success is in the inner knowing of what you exactly want, what YOU … Read More Inner Success

What is your gift?

I discovered mine this weekend. Covered deep within the very depths of my being and something I have always done. Perhaps I was born with this gift? Perhaps what happened to me in life nurtured this gift? This gift is my genius. My gift is to free you from the shame you feel regarding your darkness. Your darkness is a part of you just … Read More What is your gift?