Month: September 2019

In a nutshell What I do?

Untangling Knots is an art that requires patience, persistence and perseverance. Ever untangled a knot from a silver or golden chain? It is so hard and intricate, you need a keen eye and extreme diligence. Imagine the knots inside you, energy knots stored in your body due to thoughts and feelings from a particular event or events in your life. The knot can block … Read More In a nutshell What I do?

Untangling Knots

Coaching/Mentoring/Counselling? What is it that you do in your Business? Untangling Knots Whatever Knot inside you that you want untangled, I help you untangle that. Simple. How? By whichever way that works for you. Talking Therapy Energy Healing Spiritual Guidance Practical Strategies Intrigued? PM me or book a Clarity Call via this link.

No! Embracing the Dark.

One of the Existential Truths is: There is no god but God. Notice the Arabic starts with an emphatic NO! No these days is what I have been focussing on, exploring and it leads you to embrace the Dark. Not knowing or Knowing La in Arabic, the sound, the tone resonates, echoes through time, across time and pierces the heart. It is said one … Read More No! Embracing the Dark.

More than Mindset!

You hear alot of Business Coaches talk about Mindset Succeeding in Business is way more deeper than mindset, it is soulset, heartset and gutset work. It is going with your intuition. Because what you are doing hasn’t been done before and no one does it like you. The answers dont exist out there they exist within you. There isn’t a right way to do … Read More More than Mindset!