Month: October 2019


In case you are new to this blog and do not know what I do. I am to use Marie Forleo’s words a “Multi-Passionate Entrepreneur.” I am a Social Worker, Counsellor Healer, Coach, Writer, Mentor, Poet, Spirtual Guide, Intuitive. The last two were descriptions given to me by a Client. I have been in the Personal Development Industry since 1991 mostly as a Social … Read More Precision.

On becoming a Badass!

It has been 23 months since I started my Business. In 2017, I was a Burnt Out Social Worker without knowing it. I was exhausted, depleted and in such a victim mindset blaming everyone close to me for how I was feeling. My husband got the brunt of it. From August 2017 to February 2018 I embarked on a journey to find out what … Read More On becoming a Badass!